Frequently Asked Questions

Your Environmental Services LLC is located at:

4609 N. Grape Road, Suite D-5  Mishawaka, IN 46545

(across the street from Lowe's, in the JMS Plaza behind Outback Steakhouse, back section of the plaza, look for the YES sign and Valley Lea on the window)

Our office/lab hours are:

Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm

Our service area is:

Within a 60 mile radius of our location in Mishawaka. We currently service most of SW lower Michigan, St Joseph, Elkhart, LaPorte, Marshall, Lagrange and Kosciusko counties in Indiana.

What services do you offer?

INSPECTIONS and TESTING - Radon, Water, Mold, Lead, Asbestos, Meth

REMEDIATION - Water (Reverse Osmosis systems), Mold Remediation, Meth Cleanup, Asbestos Containment

How much does testing cost?

Test pricing depends on what you order.  Please call our office to quote your specific testing needs. Below are some of our more common tesitng prices:

  • MOLD TESTING - surface testing starts at $129; air testing starts at $194
  • RADON TESTING - $98 electronic continuous radon monitor
  • METH TESTING - instant YES or NO test starts at $224; laboratory testing starts at $450
  • VOC AIR QUALITY TESTING - starts at $289
  • ASBESTOS TESTING - bulk samples start at $93
  • LEAD PAINT TESTING - starts at $109
  • WATER TESTING - bacteria $32, nitrates $27, nitrites $27, lead $37, arsenic $37, fluoride $47, VOC $289, radon-in-water $147, iron $37, hardness $87

What's the turnaround time for appointments and test results?

Typically we can get out to a property for testing or a quote the next day.  Occasionally it takes 2 days.  Report turnaround time is as follows...

  • WATER TESTING - bacteria is 1 business day, most our other tests are 3 business days starting the day after the lab receives the samples.
  • MOLD TESTING - 1 to 2 business days
  • RADON TESTING - 2 business days
  • ASBESTOS - 4 business days
  • METH - Immediately on site, more extensive lab testing can take a week
  • LEAD PAINT - Immediately on site

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit Cards are accepted.  In some cases, fees can be charged to a real estate transaction to be paid at closing.

I am buying a house or commercial property, what environmental testing do you recommend?

All properties should be tested for RADON GAS as recommended by the Surgeon General.

According to the IN State Police, 1 in 10 vacant homes has some level of METH residue, therefore we recommend all homes be tested for METH prior to buying.  Unfortunately we find there are some homes for sale where sellers have covered up or attempted to clean up METH and have installed new carpet and paint, yet still have harmful METH residue present.

If the property you are buying has well water, a water test should be conducted and in many cases can be required for the real estate transaction.  We recommend testing well water for total coliform/ecoli (bacteria), nitrates, arsenic and lead at the least.

If the property you are buying smells musty, has a water/moisture condition or you suffer from allergies or asthma, we recommend Air Testing for a mold spore count and identification.

If the property you are buying is older than 1978 lead paint is most likely present.  We would recommend a lead paint test to identify areas in deterioration where lead is exposed in a property that was built prior to 1978.

Do you offer any Education Presentations on environmental topics for Schools, Real Estate Offices or other groups?

Yes we do! We are passionate about what we do and love educating groups on Radon, Water, Mold, Lead, Asbestos and Meth.  Our presentations are FREE of charge, FUN and INTERACTIVE and always include VISUALS.  Call Dawn in our office (574-272-8484) to set up an Education Presentation today.

What Certifications and Memberships does your company hold?

  • IN Laboratory Cert #M-76-06
  • Radon IN Lic #RTS00782
  • NRRP #RT-108387
  • IN Laboratory Cert #C-71-04
  • Radon IN Lic #RTS00657
  • NRSB #13SS054
  • IAC2 Certified Indoor Air Consultants
  • InterNACHI
  • South Bend Mishawaka Association of Realtors
  • Elkhart County Board of Realtors
  • Southwest Michigan Association of Reatlors
  • Women's Council of Realtors
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