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Our trained professionals use infrared technology and moisture reading devices to visually inspect for mold. Color photos accompany a written report and can include an entire property or just focus on one area of suspicion. We also offer asbestos and lead paint inspections.


YES is Michiana's only environmental laboratory serving the residential sector. Our continuous radon monitors are the best in the industry and can tell us if adverse weather effected a test or if testing protocol was not followed. YES is an Indiana Certified Drinking Water laboratory and most mold, lead, asbestos and methamphetamine testing is done in-house.


YES offers solutions too.  We are Michiana's leader in 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis installations to ensure your water is safe to drink.  Only the best products and methods are used for mold remediation so you only have to do it once.  We also offer asbestos containment of old piping and ductwork and cleanup of homes containing methamphetamine residue that are not listed as meth labs with the State or DEA.

Did You Know?

Contamination from meth residue can linger and can be detected years after original exposure until properly remediated.

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